About Happy Creative

Founded in 2019 by artist Kym Cunningham (Latter), Happy Creative Art Studio was created as a space to encourage creativity, fun and experimentation, regardless of age and ability.

Kym is passionate about helping others develop creative confidence and discover their own unique style, no matter what stage of the journey you are on.

Happy Creative Art Studio offers a variety of classes and workshops for kids and adults, and prides itself on offering a multidisciplinary style of art education.

Creative Approach

Happy Creative prides itself on offering a multidisciplinary style of art education.

We know that through exploring a varied range of artistic media participants develop their overall creative problem solving, imagination and ability.

Our creative classes aim to:
❤ Explore various styles of art, art materials and art techniques;
❤ Encourage artistic freedom and creative choices;
❤ Nourish imagination, creativity, inventiveness and problem-solving skills;
❤ Boost confidence and self-esteem – “I CAN DO IT!“;
❤ Develop fine and gross motor skills;
Have fun!

Happy Creative Art Studio & The Environment

We love our Mother Earth, so recycling is a huge factor in our studio! Our aim is to promote and encourage creative re-use of materials and show people that recycled arts are AMAZING!!! Wherever possible in our classes we use recycled, re-purposed or second-hand materials.

Founder – Kym Cunningham (Latter)

Kym Cunningham (Latter) is a natural creator of beautiful, whimsical objects.  Her colourful presence echoes her vibrant personality and her love of arts and crafts is something she is excited to share with others.

Through Happy Creative Art Studio, Kym encourages people of all ages and abilities to explore their creative side and discover the joy of bold colour, layers and texture through arts and crafts. 

An avid recycler of reclaimed materials, Kym has abandoned her inhibitions and embraced her love of the unconventional, letting her imagination run wild and free.  An elegant fish made from black plastic bags, delicate beetles from toilet rolls and cereal boxes, and adorable animal portraits from egg cartons, there is no end to Kym’s quirky creations. 

“Using reclaimed materials from household waste, roadsides, op-shops and recycling centres forces inventiveness to transform them into something artistic and beautiful,” she says.  “This encourages a shift in perception for the viewer about waste and consumerism.”  – Kym Latter

Kym believes in creating art for fun, and has no room for “art rules” or judgement.  She welcomes experimentation, individuality and self-expression and if it feels like fun, then you’re doing it right!  This is Kym’s passion and she willingly shares it with others, freeing them of their insecurities with her nurturing guidance and unique ability to make you feel comfortable and safe.

  • Kym Cunningham Artist (Portfolio Website)www.kymcunninghamartist.com
  • Education – James Cook University, Bachelor of Visual Arts, 1996
  • Memberships & Groups
    • Fraser Coast Arts Ambassadors
    • RADF Committee Member – Fraser Coast
    • Maryborough Art Society