All-ability Art & Craft Classes

All-ability Art is a creative program designed specifically for people with disability. Participants will be engaged in hands-on creative activities which include multi-step construction processes,  sense based and tactile activities, as well as experimenting with various art materials and methods – previous art experience NOT required.

Our “Art for Everyone” creative sessions explore a wide variety of art forms including:
– Collage & Mixed Media
– Drawing – Pencil, Pastels, Pen/Ink
– Painting – Acrylic, Watercolour
– Sculpture – Clay, Paper Mache, Cardboard
– Upcycling & Recycled Art

  • Date/Time: We currently have capacity to run tailored all-ability classes:
    – Monday AM (Between 9am and Midday)
    – Friday PM (Between 1pm and 4pm)
    *Class duration = 1 hr
  • Cost: $15 per person/per session (carers/companions free).
    We have an ABN (24 623 085 094) and are able to invoice, so participants can pay with their self-managed or plan managed NDIS money.
  • Age: 5+
  • Class Size: Maximum 5 people (not including carers/companions)
  • All-abilities: YES (tasks incl. drawing, writing, painting, cutting, gluing, sculpturing)

Venue Accessibility 

  • Wheelchair Access – The Happy Creative studio is wheelchair accessible and suitable for those with limited mobility.
  • Vehicle Access – Drop Off / Pick Up is possible at front of building (Kent Street) in designated loading and handicap zones.
  • Work-space Area – The main working area of the studio can easily be reconfigured to suit participants needs.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about our all-ability art classes or how we can work together to develop a tailored program to meet the individual needs of your group please contact Kym Latter on 041 777 3713 or complete our Contact Us form.