Hi there, I’m Kym Latter the owner of Happy Creative.

I’m passionate about providing a unique, fun, relaxed environment where people can explore their creativity, learn new skills and make awesome art.

I teach hands-on, process driven classes (so don’t expect lots of copying the “artistic masters” in my classes!); instead there is a strong emphasis on having a fun time creating, experimenting and trying new things. It’s important to me that you enjoy the process of creating art as much as the end product.

When I’m not running classes at Happy Creative you will find me either hugging a guinea pig or exploring local recycling centres and op-shops searching for unconventional materials to make sculptures from. If you would like to see my sculptures go to www.kymlatterart.com

My art philosophy is simple… Creativity isn’t just about the “fine arts” or copying photos and existing artwork. Creativity is how we engage in the world around us, it’s being open to exploring new ideas and learning new things, it’s trial-and-error and problem-solving… and it’s about having fun along the way!”

Working With Children’s – Blue Card Holder 2019

James Cook University, Bachelor of Visual Arts, 1996