Hello and welcome to Happy Creative – Art & Craft Studio…

Happy Creative provide art and craft classes for kids, teenagers and adults in Maryborough, Fraser Coast, Queensland.

Our classes encourage students to focus on the process of “being” creative, rather than “copying” traditional artworks. Exploration and imagination are the key to creativity and that’s what we encourage and celebrate!

At Happy Creative we believe there are no art rules; if you want to paint the grass blue, the sky yellow and the trees with pink stripes, then that’s OK! There’s no such thing as a mistake, everyone is free to express themselves in their own unique way through art exploration.

Our creative classes aim to:

❤ Explore various styles of art, art materials and art techniques;
❤ Encourage artistic freedom and creative choices;
❤ Nourish imagination, creativity, inventiveness and problem-solving skills;
❤ Boost confidence and self-esteem – “I CAN DO IT!“;
❤ Develop fine and gross motor skills;
Have fun!

Fun & Creative Classes

We have a constantly evolving program of fun and creative classes, sometimes based around a theme, at other times working with a particular medium, including:

  • Collage & Mixed Media
  • Drawing – Pencil, Pastels, Pen/Ink
  • Painting – Acrylic, Watercolour
  • Print Making – Lino, Screen, Etching
  • Sculpture – Clay, Paper Mache, Carboard
  • Upcycling & Recycled Art
  • Textiles – Sewing, Wool
  • Weaving
  • And much, much more!